Tuesday, July 15, 2014


PirateShare is an app that tries to simplify file upload to a PirateBox by using Android's share functionality.
On the PirateBox Camp #2 we tried the app and it seems to work quite well.
Android Share Dialog (image by #BiblioBox)

PirateShare was inspired by the PirateFox a PirateBox file sharing app for FireFox OS:


The  PirateShare app is available for download on Google Drive:

The app works like this:

  1. Select one or multiple photos from the Gallery or select file(s) inside a file management app
  2. Select PirateShare from share menu
  3. PirateShare checks if connected to a PirateBox by requesting the ncsi.txt file
  4. If connected PirateShare will upload the file(s)
Upload Dialog

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  1. Yeah, thank you for this post :) And for this useful app !


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