Monday, June 6, 2011

Windows Performance and Filesize Limit

This weekend I had the chance to test DavDrive's performance when running Widows 7 (32bit).
I tested with Windows Explorer and BitKinex. The latter gave me a nice performance graph. My test file was a video file that was approx. 900MB in size.
The first things I notices was that Windows 7 seems to have a file size limit when it comes to WebDAV downloads. Therefore I immediately continued to test with BitKinex because I had no clue how to fix the size limit by that time. You'll find the solution for this after the BitKinex test.
BitKiney worked like charm. The graph shows the download speed.

DavDrive - BitKinex Performance

Speed was quite good (1,48 MB/s) and by far not as bad as many users have reported when using DavDrive on Windows.
So if you fix your Internet Explorer settings and the size limit, DavDrive should run fine and with reasonable speed on Windows.

Windows Size Limit
To fix the size limit you have to use the registry editor and edit the following key: