Saturday, November 8, 2014

Microbes - Fast Paced Casual Game

This is a guest post by Michaela presenting her first game Microbes available now on Google Play.

The original post in German can be found here ...

Microbes Promo Video

Yeah, it is finished :)

moreGainE1976's first Android Game is released to play!
Now you can visit the small and cute Microbes on their garbage dump!

Link to Google Play Store:

The Main Characters

This small and green scaredy cat is the smallest Microbe, that is allowed to play on the garbage dump. Its only job is to be afraid and to be eaten.

The next bigger one is the yellow Microbe with the funny snouts as ears. It eats smaller green Microbes and prefers many at once. Nevertheless, it must have to worry if the larger Microbe is near:

These lovely purple lady is the third Microbe. As harmless as she may strum with her eyes, so greedy she is! No yellow Microbe is safe from her!


The red Microbe is the hungriest of the four. It hits its teeth in the purple ladies, as it was just starving! There is no escape! And when it ate too much, then it bursts!

To clean up the garbage dump, there is from time to time – as a reward – a small poison bottle. Sometimes – but not always! - the shattered poison bottle lets explode some Microbes, too, and so generates extra points.

And yes, the skull is a cross over to the PirateBox :)