Thursday, February 16, 2012

DavDrive and USB

DavDrive can be used via USB connection. This might come in handy if no WiFi connection is available.

For this to work ADB the Android Debug Bridge has to be installed on the PC.
This is the most complicated part of the setup.

I will not describe how to setup ADB. You will find instructions by asking Google or by watching below Youtube video.

After ADB is set up, the ADB command adb devices should show your device.
In my case (with my Galaxy Nexus) it looks like this:

List of devices attached
01498B1F0C003012    device

Now start DavDrive and execute the following ADB command on your PC:

adb forward tcp:8888 tcp:8888

This will forward the port 8888 of your PC to port 8888 on your Android device.
If you have another port configured use that one.

Now you can use the following URL to access DavDrive on your Android device:


That's it :)

Note: Everything mentioned above is also valid for PAW.