Friday, July 22, 2016

RM mini 3 Workaround

The RM mini 3 is an inexpensive BroadLink device. Unfortunately the RM mini 3 is not supported by the BroadLink API and thus not working with RM Bridge out of the box.
BroadLink RM mini 3

Nevertheless the new RM Bridge version 1.3.0 offers a workaround to get RM mini 3 devices working.

RM Bridge in its version 1.3.0 persists all found and manually registered devices. So it is possible to permanently register a RM mini 3 manually.
The RM mini 3 seems to support the same IR command set as the RM2 which makes it possible to register a RM mini 3 as RM2 devices.

The setup is simply done by using the RM Bridge web interface Code Learning page.
On that page there is a new entry to register a device manually.

Fill in a name, the MAC address of the RM mini 3, specify RM2 as type and press the Add Manually button.

After that the RM mini 3 should show of in the list of devices.

Now IR code learning should work the same way as with RM2 devices.