Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cache Stumbler Beta

Cache Stumbler is a widget that is intended to assist people in finding traditional Geocaches.It is not geared at die hard Geocachers but at people that would like to know which traditional Caches are in reach and how to reach them.

Cache Stumbler tries to answer the question: "Where is the next Cache?"

The widgets shows the name, direction, distance etc. of the nearest cache without the need to register to

Cache Stumbler Widget

Details of the cache are available by tapping on the widget.

The menu offers the possibility to show the cache on the map, share the cache and mark the cache as found or not-found. When a cache is marked as found/not-found it will be ignored in the future.

Cache Stumbler Details

This is a beta version, so things might not work very reliably or might not work at all.
If some people find it useful I might consider publishing it in the Android market.

Find below the download link, if you would like to try it out. It case of errors it would be nice to get a bug report (preferably with a logcat output attached). Logcat output can be sent by using the app aLogcat available from the Android Market.

Bug report mail address: cachestumbler [at]

Comments are of course welcome :)

Have fun...

Cache Stumbler is now available at the Android Market!