Thursday, January 13, 2011

APK Upload and Installation

After reading this post at XDA Developers I would like to show how APK installation can easily be done with PAW Server without the need of an Internet connection.

PAW Content Sharing - Send to Android

With the new Content Sharing functions this is very easy and can be done in four simple steps:
  1. Go to the System > Share Content menu entry.
  2. Select the APK file for upload.
  3. Select the Use Open URI radio button.
  4. Press the Send Data button.
Now the installation process should start automatically on your Android Device :)

Note: The standard file upload size is 2 MB. This can be changed in the server settings to any size.


  1. I think you misunderstand the thread at XDA. It is intended for non-tech people. I'm very tech, but I've never heard of PAW server.

    Leave the guy alone - he's doing a good job.

  2. Okay - I've looked up PAW server, and yeah, the thread at XDA is definitely aimed at people that will never have even considered something like that exists.

    Please remember that the majority of phone users are not tech savvy. They don't even know how to copy a file from their PC to their phone.

    Thanks for the info, but yeah. Lay off the guy.

  3. I never said that the guy starting the thread at XDA is doig a bad job. I have nothing against his solution, this might be a good thing for a lot of people.
    I just wanted to show a different solution without the need of an Internet connection.
    I doubt that the post is targeted at non tech users, otherwise the "Android Development and Hacking" would be the wrong place for such a post.

  4. Check out! They have an app and its reallyyy easy to get APK files to your device.


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