Monday, December 20, 2010

Sharing .... the Android Way

In the upcoming PAW Server for Android release there will be the possibility to share content between Android device and browser by using the integrated Android functionality of sharing content (images, contacts etc.).
Some apps provide a share or send to feature which pops up a selection dialog from which the app that should receives the content can be selected.

With the new PAW release it will be possible to receive and send content by using this functionality.

When the share functionality is enabled in PAW (which will be the default), PAW Server will be visible in the selection menu of any app providing the share feature.

Share menu in Gallery

After selecting the PAW Server menu entry an icon will be displayed in the PAW statusbar to signal that shared content is available:


After clicking on the icon (or the System->Share Content menu) the share page will be displayed, which presents the shared data in a table. When the download link is clicked, the shared content will be downloaded by the browser.

Share from web page

It will be also possible to send files to the Android device by uploading a file and calling the Android share or open URI function. With that it is for example possible to upload APK files and install them in one go without the hassle of uploading the file first and then running it in a separate step.

Upload from web page

For programmers there will be the possibility to access the shared content from within a web application. The shared data will be stored in the server scope of the PAW server.

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