Tuesday, August 26, 2014

PirateBox for Android - Android Wear

Starting with version 0.53 PirateBox for Android supports Android Wear notifications for uploads and shout messages.

Android Wear support is disabled by default but can be enabled inside the PirateBox preferences. There is a new Android Wear section which currently only has one Wear Notification check-box preference.
As soon as this option is ticked upload and shout notifications will be sent to a connect Wear device.

Android Wear Preference

Whenever a new upload or shout has been processed and sent to the Wear device a notification is displayed on the Android device (the phone) to indicate that new notifications have been transferred to the Wear device. If that notification gets dismissed, all notifications on the smart-watch will also be deleted.

Wear Notification on Phone

On the smart-watch notifications are summarized and presented in chronological order (newer first). The following image describes the flow on the Wear device.

Flow on Wear Device

After the messages have been expanded options are available to open the PirateBox app on the phone and in the case of a file upload to open that file on your phone for display.

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