Thursday, January 26, 2012

Changing the PirateBox Location

This post gives a quick overview what has to be done to move the PirateBox installation to a different directory.

By default the PirateBox HTML files are located in the directory /sdcard/paw/html/app/plugins/piratebox_plugin/html and uploaded files are stored in the folder uploads inside the HTML directory.

I'll demonstrate what to do to move the PirateBox to a different directory (in my example /sdcard/piratebox_ext). You can of course also use a directory on an external SD card.

Copying the HTML Directory
First thing to do ist to create the new folder /sdcard/pireatebox_ext.
Now copy the directory /sdcard/paw/html/app/plugins/piratebox_plugin/html to the new location /sdcard/pireatebox_ext.

As a next step we will edit the PAW server configuration.

Changing the PAW Configuration

The configuration file used for PirateBox is named handlers.xml and it's located inside the /sdcard/paw/html/app/plugins/piratebox_plugin/conf directory.
Edit this file and replace each occurence of /sdcard/paw/html/app/plugins/piratebox_plugin with /sdcard/piraebox_ext.

Changing the Web Pages
Last step to do is to edit the files list.xhtml and pb.xhtml inside the /sdcard/piratebox_ext/html directory.
In each file there is one line that defines the upload directory.
Again, change each occurence of /sdcard/paw/html/app/plugins/piratebox_plugin to /sdcard/piraebox_ext.

That's it ... on next startup the new PirateBox location should be used.


  1. hello, thans for the tutorial, is helpfull,
    It is normal I could navigate to folders? I'ts always redirecting to the /html folder.

    when I create folders on my external sdcard piratebox_plugin/html/upload/$name_of_the_folder/
    is always redirected to the home page piratebox. and is not possible to have an folder architecture on /upload folder. just files, I dont understand, it's non implemented on android piratbox? the posibilities are implemented [code addon] (and tested great) on my TL-WR703N but I need to have this function (basic) in android phone, do you have an idea?

    many thanks

    1. Could you please send me your handlers.xml by mail (jochen[at]

    2. Could you please send me your handlers.xml by mail (jochen[at]


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