Monday, May 30, 2011

DavDrive - Tablet Support

There is a new version of DavDrive (1.39) and the full version got some enhanced tablet support.
The main screen now presents the usual start button on the left and a list that contains the log entries on the right.

DavDrive 1.39

In default mode the list only shows uploads and downloads so not to confuse the normal user too much. You can switch the display by pressing the small arrow in the activities title bar to display all entries.

Log View Selection

When clicking on these entries a dialog box with some more protocol details is displayed. If the file is present it can be opened.

Log Entry Details

The tablet support is not only for Honeycomb but for all others X-large screens. So other tablet users running Android 2.x should also benefit from the changes.

Log Broadcasts
Another new feature is that the log activities are broadcasted, which means that other programs/activities can listen to these broadcasts and react on these events.

For those interested, here are the details.

Intent Action:

MethodStringMehthod name in uppercase.
TimestampLongTime in millis.
ResourceStringComplete resource (file) name.
SuccessBooleanTrue on success, otherwise false.
CodeIntegerHTTP result code.
MessageStringAdditional message.
TargetStringComplete target resource (file) name.
This is optional and only available when Method is MOVE.

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