Saturday, August 15, 2015

Advanced PAW Server - Pre-Release 1

PAW's documentation is far from perfect and I often get questions from users how things work. To make life for users and me easier I decided to write an eBook how to use PAW's API to write dynamic web applications.

This is the first pre-release of Advanced PAW Server.

It is not complete and surely contains a lot of bugs and typos.
Nevertheless I hope it is already useful at this point.

Have fun :)

The eBook is available in PDF format.

Here is the download Link:


  1. hello when i insert restartIpChanged = true; in my init()
    it doesn't recognize the option.. how can i implement that ? thanks.

  2. That should work. I've updated the sample projects to include the latest jar files, so please update. As alternative you can also only exchange the paw-server.jar file. You can download the latest version of the paw-server.jar file here:

  3. its working fine now .. thanks for the response
    btw in the docu "startOnBoot" doesn't recognize also..
    but "startedOnBoot" is working fine

  4. does not exist :(

    1. There is a typo in your link.
      The correct link is:

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Hello Jochen

    Thank you for your great work

    I am using Paw Server in android, it's work very great, perfect

    but i have a small problem with function showAlert

    could you please set cancel able = false for dialog showing ? because when user press back dialog canceled and we can't get result of alert.

    Please help me, and if you can make addition a Cancel button i dialog, that is perfect, current only OK option in dialog

    Thank you & best regards


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